• CedarPoly uses a custom-designed Lindner washTech system -- the most advanced European technology in plastics recycling -- to its recycling line for post-consumer HDPE recycling. Read More.

  • We buy from city, county, and private materials recovery facilities big and small. We'll pay you top dollar for truckload quantities, Request a Quote today!

  • If your company produces scrap from manufacturing, or if you're paying a hefty bill for recyclable material going into the dumpster... we can help! Contact Us today to schedule a consultation.

  • Purchase high quality HDPE repro and LDPE repro for your next project. Created from recycled bottles, films, and bags. Contact Us today to source the material you need.

  • We've expanded our toll services to include grinding, shredding, washing, drying... and now densifying and pelletizing! Contact Us today to reclaim your scrap.

We Buy

We buy all types of post consumer, industrial, and commercial recyclable scrap and waste. Big or small, we have the solution for you.

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We Sell

You can save thousands by creating your products with properly processed recycled materials, even if we don't make it - we will find it.

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We Serve

You have recyclable materials but need help processing, selling, or transporting it? We do it all, and we do it for you - our customer.

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We Help

Want to recycle but not sure how to do it efficiently? Or not sure if you have material that is recycable? A FREE consult from us can help.

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