LDPE Repro Low Density Polyethylene Supplier

High quality color and clear LDPE Low Density Polyethylene Repro Pellets

Cedar Poly, LLC has been working with many of the same scrap customers/suppliers for years, allowing us to know for certain the type of LDPE film scrap is being used to create our repro. All densification and extrusion is done in house, allowing a lower cost to be passed on to our repro customers. Take a look at our process below.

LDPE color repro specifications:
1-2 MELT / .915 – .921 DENSITY / Mixed color grey

LDPE clear repro specifications:
1-2 MELT / .920 – .925 DENSITY / Natural Clear

Classification ——————->

Material consisting of post industrial films both color and clear are sorted by grade. Undesirable materials containing slip agents and vinyl acetate are removed before processing.

Densification ——————->

Baled scrap and roll stock is shredded and sent through a densifier to allow for reprocessing. This process allows us to use many grades of plastic films and bags increasing our recycling capabilities.


The final step, densified film is pelletized through an 80 mesh extrusion process creating a clean repro pellet. Higher and lower melt materials can be blended into this process to create custom materials for many applications.