Paper & Cardboard

Paper and Fiber Purchasing

Cedar Poly, LLC is a trusted buyer of nearly all fiber materials both post consumer and post industrial. Our large facility and capable services make is easy and profitable to recycle paper (and other fiber materials). Whether you are a recovery facility, commercial, industrial, warehouse, distributor, or government… we can recycle and reuse your materials – and improve your bottom line. The ability to receive combination loads of multiple types of recyclables allows us to give you top dollar!

See below for examples of our most commonly purchased materials.


Old Corrugated Cardboard - OCC


Sorted Office Paper - SOP


Sorted White Ledger - SWL


ONP Old News Print

Mixed Paper

Mixed Paper


Boxboard clippings

True Consulting Services

No matter the business you are in, if you have questions about your recycling needs. We have the answers. A simple phone call could save your company hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per year. After speaking with us (or possibly after a visit from us) you will have a clear picture of what you can gain from your recycling, and how to accomplish it. And better yet, the consultation is FREE.

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