Recycling Services

Recyclables Purchasing

Cedar Poly, LLC is a trusted buyer of nearly all forms of plastic both post consumer and post industrial. Our large facility and capable services make is easy and profitable to recycle plastics (and other materials). Whether you are a recovery facility, commercial, industrial, warehouse, distributor, or government… we can recycle and reuse your materials – and improve your bottom line. The ability to receive combination loads of multiple types of recyclables allows us to give you top dollar!
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Custom Pelletizing & Densifying

Cedar Poly Post Consumer Pelletizer
Reclaim your scrap or purchase customized repro pellets created from:
  • Post Industrial HDPE regrinds
  • Post Consumer HDPE bottles / regrind
  • HDPE natural bottles (no paper labels)
  • HMW HDPE drums / regrind
  • HDPE film & bag scrap (we densify)
  • LDPE film & bag scrap (we densify)
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Toll Services

Cedar Poly Toll Grinding Operation
Let us process your plastic raw materials & scrap back into a usable product. We provide a complete array of services to facilitate your recycling needs:
  • Toll Grinding (large purge blocks & poly pipe are no problem)
  • Washing & Drying
  • Shredding
  • Densifying
  • Material Testing


Cedar Poly Logistics & Trucking
We secure the pickup, delivery, and storage of your plastic, and determine how to facilitate those considering the plastic’s form, packaging, and container type.
  • Fleet of over 130 trailers and 12 trucks
  • 65k sq/ft warehouse with 14 docks
  • Spotted trailers free of charge
  • LTL pickups as needed
  • Settlement reports & Insurance

Source Separation

Cedar Poly Sort Line
All of the plastics that flow through our facility are sorted – the bales broken down – and trained in efficiency, our employees hand-sort the plastics (by grade) to remove contaminants. This results in a single source plastic grade that can be used for our various products, or resold in a clean bale. Many county recovery facilities take advantage of this service to save on labor costs.

Baling & Packaging

Cedar Poly Industrial Baler
After source separation (sorting) some plastics go to our grind/wash line to prepared for pelletizing, while others are re-baled for sale in the market. We have multiple balers from small to large that can bale plastic bottles, plastic film, cardboard, etc.


Cedar Poly Equipment Sales & Rental
Need equipment to efficiently prepare your recyclables for pickup? No problem, we can provide the following to help you get there:
  • Sales and/or Rental
  • Downstroke Balers
  • Plastics/Wooden Pallets
  • Recycle Bins/Containers
  • 53′ Spotted Trailer (free)

True Consulting Services

No matter the business you are in, if you have questions about your recycling needs. We have the answers. A simple phone call could save your company hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per year. After speaking with us (or possibly after a visit from us) you will have a clear picture of what you can gain from your recycling, and how to accomplish it. And better yet, the consultation is FREE.

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